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Rahul Niralia
Chief Business Analyst
Seema Niralia
Chief Administrator
Maggie Torchon
Strategic Partner – NY
KaSandra Smith
Marketing Consultant – NC

Here’s All About Us!

SunBay Technologies is a core focus group of collaborative and experienced custom software development professionals creating software around the processes and encouraging full-scale workflow optimization. We are here to automate the process for your business and help you increase productivity. We partner with business to gear them up for growth in the fast-changing established markets and help them reposition and redefine for the emerging markets.


SunBay Technologies is committed to:



Started in the year 2010, Team SunBay has 300+ customers across five continents of the world. We started with three people and 500$ as an investment, today we have contact offices in three continents. One associated brands EcomTechnocrats. Brand is managed by the same top management. We were also known as Gladiator Designs & LaCreativite Solutions in past which is dissolved and now merged under EcomTechnocrats. EcomTechnocrats is a focused product for e-commerce needs for startups and small businesses – under the umbrella of SunBay Technologies.

Our Business Philosophy

Sun-Bay Technologies (Our name itself is governed by philosophy):

The brightness of Sun

The innovative coolness of Bay Area

Blended with competencies of Technologies.

Our Past, Present & Future

We are enthusiasts doing what we love to do.


And as our inspirational mentor once said – You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. We worked hard and it was not that we haven’t made mistakes, but we quickly identified them, learned from them and get on with improving our self and finally delivering an innovative solution – and here we are after 153927+ man-hours of coding experience, 300+ applications, 900+ projects 360+ clients across five continents (North America, Australia, Europe and Asia) – connecting the dots backwards.


We have four brands with our customer who transformed into partnership with us and our first employee is part of top management now, we value our people and partnerships.


Be it an employee, a partner or a customer, we invite you to join us.

Our Locations

North America

United States – (MO)
Wendell – North Carolina
Dix Hills – New York

Canada – (ODC)
Victoria – British Columbia


Germany – Switzerland (CO)
Karlsruhe| Zurich


HongKong – India (ODC)
HongKong | New Delhi | Noida | Dehradoon |

Head Office –
New Delhi – India


MO – Marketing Office
CO – Contact Office
ODC – Offshore Devlopment Centers

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