Human Resources (HR)

SunBay has been assisting Small and Medium sized businesses to build up and have access to high end professional Human Resource Practices followed by Mid and Large Enterprise. Over a period of time we have developed turn key solutions for HR industry starting from Job (Requirement) Listing application, Competency based applicant assessment and matchmaking, Onboarding Applications and full featured ERP that can be fully modified around your business flow.



Business-2-Business Solutions

B2B connections is a key to success for ever growing needs to expand and reach new markets, reduce cost and above all enhancing a business’s customer retention and collaboration strategies. How efficiently and seamlessly the business can connect to another business is present day key to success for all. SunBay has developed state of art business tools to help business achieve their goals and connect with other business who perfectly match their criteria.



Professional Services

Whether you are a small business or an individual professional, everyone requires an impressive web identity to establish themselves and interact professionally with their customers. Sunbay offers a variety of services to achieve these goals:


Education and E-Learning

Virtual Institute and Classroom is the present day next generation need of the learning systems. Sunbay’s innovative elearning solutions are targeted towards enabling institutes and professionals to seamless deliver courses online to global students.


Social Media Platform

Social media or networking / interacting is the key today. If you are looking to launch your own Social Media platform created around a specific target audience SunBay can help you create one our product has following features:


Retail and Ecommerce

SunBay has eCommerce solutions for all, can be quickly tailor made to focus on specific need of the business – be it local, regional or international sales. We can launch you in less than a week or even in a day if you are ready with product/service details.



Sunbay has been working with Hospitals, Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical Companies, Nursing Homes and Private Medical Practitioners for over a decade developing health care solutions for better management and control.


Payment Gateway

Competition prevails across all marketplaces expanding your customer reach and ease of processing payments is the key. Our ready to use solutions enable you to roll out safe digital payment solutions quickly and efficiently.


Independent Software Vendors

SunBay is ready to partner with companies or individuals to help them launch software ahead of time and position them much ahead to their competitors.


Travel and Hospitality

SunBays’ ready to go solutions make it affordable for small timers and startups to launch them with minimal time to market and higher return on investment.


Real Estate

Our Real Estate Solutions – SunBay offers portals, mobile applications and full-cycle CRM solutions for real estate business to sustain professionally and expand.

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