Reasons to be with Sunbay.

Accessibility to Project Information

Flexible support across timezones

Competitive Cost and
In-Time Delivery

Just In Time
Engagement Model

Best Technology Competency

Create Your
Own Model

Project Information

Be it, our customers or partners the far most important element in building strong relationships is transparency. We believe in giving clear access to the under development project status. You won’t need to call us or write to us – the moment a project is on you have access to our Project Progress Information System and see whats going on. All info related to a project over a single click.

Availability 24/7/365

SunBay has capabilities to cater any type of support required for our partners and customer. We know how critical availability can be for a business, working in different geographies can be an important factor in deciding which company to go with. We have support teams available in three continents to match any such needs so that when you need us there is always someone to connect to.

Competitive Cost & In-Delivery

We believe the best way to have a competitive edge on cost when compared to our competitors is by having the right selection of technology and utilizing the technology to the edge. That’s why we rely greatly on OPEN-SOURCE Technologies not just because they allow you to have the source but mainly because of the strong communities that are there with them. We don’t say we are the only one but we will get you the best out of the best on time every time.

Just in Time Engagement Model

This is one of our Next Generation working model that we practice and nurtured in our growth. If you wish your workplace to grow and evolve the most important element is to make things easier for people. Our JIT Engagement model allows enabling our teams to find the resources they need quickly – in context with the project need they are having at the moment – from practically any location. This model enabled us to identify and select self-motivated professionals who perform great in the time-sensitive environment.

Best Technology Competency

We make sure you get the best and we keep on making them better. Competencies represent the knowledge and skills required for performing and supporting the business processes. Competence factors should be observable and measurable, competencies are critical to achieving organizational and individual success. Our Core Competency factors which we constantly measure and enhance – Technical Knowledge, Work Coordination, Problem Solving and Prevention, Communication and Service Accountability.

Create Your Own Model

We believe growth is the real meaning of life. We are and continue to be one of the startups that is run and managed by experienced people. We break the rules and welcome the failures because we strongly believe “if you don’t fail you won’t try hard enough to succeed”. These experienced failures will keep you safe, as they don’t live in silos and we have created a workspace which is radically transparent. We offer freedom to create your own model that can suit your needs we are listening!

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